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It’s certainly nothing to be proud of, but name any kind of pollution - air, water, land - and Jakarta has it in abundance. A population of over 10 million in a city is obviously going to leave a sizeable footprint, but it has long been argued that Jakartans - both the people and the government - can still do much more to keep the city clean. But the fact of the matter is exhaust fumes from millions of motorized vehicles pollute the city’s air daily, its waterways are often used as trash dumps, and litter is a problem in most areas of the capital. At the very least, efforts are being made by the current city administration to clean up the city, as evidenced by the fact that the city’s rivers and canals are now at their cleanest state in years, if not decades. It also seems like more and more Jakartans are becoming more conscientious regarding the state of the city’s environment, as evidenced by the rise of clean up activities throughout Jakarta.

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