Despicable E 2: Depok police arrest drug dealer for allegedly selling Minion-shaped ecstasy pills

Despicable (allegedly)! A drug dealer in Depok was arrested on suspicion that he has been selling ecstasy pills shaped like Minions, the adorable yellow cartoon characters that first appeared in the movie “Despicable Me”.

The suspect was identified as 37-year-old Ismet, who has previously been convicted for drug trafficking.

“Police arrested the suspect with the evidence of 23 pills shaped like Minions colored blue and yellow,” said Commissioner Putu Kholis, head of Depok City Police’s Narcotics Department, as quoted by Tempo yesterday.

Putu said that Ismet sold his Minion pills for Rp 200,000 a piece.

Ismet, who has been jailed three times in the past for drug offences, said he learned the trade of drug dealing from other convicts while he was incarcerated.

Though there has been no indication that Ismet sold his Minion pills to children, the police say they are cautious that the pills could find their way to children, intentionally or otherwise. But as of now, the police believe that the Minion appearance of the pills is a mark to distinguish it from other brands of pills or from actual medicine.

The police are investigating further into Ismet’s case in order to find the supplier of the Minion pills. Ismet, meanwhile, may be charged with drug trafficking and may be jailed for at least 4 years.

This is not the first time that Minion-shaped ecstasy pills have been a cause for concern in Indonesia. Earlier this year, the police in Surabaya apprehended a man in possession of 10 such pills.

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