​Depok Mayor fat shames his overweight subordinates at official event

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It’s one thing to have a problem with other people’s physical appearances, but to call out their flaws in front of a crowd at an official event is completely uncalled for.

Depok Mayor Nur Mahmudi Ismail did just that during the appointment of several government officials to the Depok city administration yesterday. During his speech, Nur said Depok officials have to watch their waistlines in order to be healthy, but he also mentioned some names.

“Being fat is a problem. You state officials must fix your bodies. Like the Education Agency head, director of the [Depok] Regional Hospital, Limo subdistrict head, reduce your weights. Don’t get too fat; you must exercise often. There are others who are fat. Depok’s civil servants must be an example to others,” Nur said, as quoted by Vivanews yesterday. 

There was no report on the people mentioned in the speech getting upset at Nur’s remark, so we assume they just went back to work with a new grudge against their incredibly rude and demeaning boss.

As for the mayor, he should learn a thing or two about respecting others. If he truly cares about people’s physical appearance, then he should become a personal trainer. Even personal trainers don’t call their clients overweight, not in front of a crowd anyways.

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