Depok gov’t promises to find spreader of “bothersome” condom wrappers featuring pic of two men

Well, it’s been awhile since there have been any national level “LGBT panic” stories, which is definitely a good thing. It seems like most people are ready to move on with their lives and leave other people’s private affairs to themselves. But a new incident in Depok, seemingly designed to stir up controversy, may put the issue back on the media’s panic alert radar.

The Depok city administration announced that recently that condom wrappers featuring a picture of two men being intimate have been spreading in the Bojong Pondok Terong neighborhood of Cipayung, Depok. It’s not yet known who has been spreading these condoms in public.

“This is clearly bothersome. The picture is unethical and the way it’s being spread is clearly bothering the public,” said Depok Deputy Mayor Pradi Supriatna, as quoted by Vivanews today.

“We will find out who’s been spreading them and we will take action against them.”

Pradi denied that the spreading of the condom was a health initiative by the administration, especially since the condom wrappers appeared to support homosexuality, which the administration opposes on the grounds of Depok being “a studied and religious city.”

But it was in that very city that the last LGBT panic was sparked earlier this year, after the government banned an LGBT support group in Universitas Indonesia, calling them a threat to the nation’s morals.

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