Choo-choo and snack: Video of Indonesian machinist buying munchies while train was stationary goes viral

An Indonesian machinist boarding a train after he bought some snacks. Photo: Video screengrab
An Indonesian machinist boarding a train after he bought some snacks. Photo: Video screengrab

An Indonesian machinist looked like he gave zero f*^@# about where he parked his train (not a euphemism) as he went down to grab some food, in a viral video that officials have said may come across as a little misleading.

The video, shared by Twitter user @Chamberafli, shows a machinist walking back towards a stationary train, carrying a plastic bag containing some snacks that he presumably bought from a shop near the railway.

It may appear that the machinist parked his train in the middle of a railway crossing and holding up traffic while he went to buy his munchies. But it turns out that there is a perfectly acceptable explanation that doesn’t paint the machinist as such an inconsiderate bloke.

State-owned train company PT KAI said the train in the video was the Pangrango, which serves passengers on the Sukabumi-Bogor route.

“We clarify that the closure of the railway crossing was not because the train was waiting for the assistant machinist, rather because it was waiting for passengers to embark and disembark at the Parungkuda Station in Sukabumi,” PT KAI VP of Public Relations Edy Kuswoyo said in a written statement.

Edy added that due to Parungkuda’s relatively small size, longer trains often have to be parked all the way to the railway crossing that was seen in the video.

“The closure of the railway crossing happens everyday and is normal at Parungkuda Station,” he said.

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