Bukittinggi man allegedly coerces wife to become accomplice in rape of another woman

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Photo illustration

Police in Bukittinggi, West Sumatra have arrested a married couple in relation to the alleged sexual abuse of a younger woman.

According to the police, the male suspect, who is identified as 30-year-old AF, has raped the victim, 26-year-old S, numerous times since 2018. AF’s wife, 40-year-old YN, allegedly served as his accomplice.

“The role of the wife has become clear, wherein she picked up the victim from her workplace using a motorcycle. At home, the wife took the victim to their bedroom, removes her clothes, and permits her husband to perform the rape,” Bukittinggi Police Crime Investigation Unit Head Chairul Amri Nasution said today.

Even though she has been named a suspect in the case, police say that there is a possibility that YN is an accomplice by way of coercion.

“YN said that if she didn’t fulfill her husband’s wishes, he would kill her. He also threatened to kill [S] and her parents,” Chairul said.

AF has denied the accusations, saying that he had been in a consensual relationship with YN these past two years. He also denied making death threats against his wife, but admitted that he had threatened her with divorce if she did not allow him to see S.

AF and YN may face at least 12 years in prison for rape under the Criminal Code (KUHP).

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