Bricks tossed from pedestrian bridge over toll road in Bekasi, one driver killed

Brick tossed from a pedestrian bridge over a toll road in Bekasi, Indonesia smashing through a car’s windshield and killing its driver on June 5, 2018. Photo: Instagram

Police are on the hunt for the person responsible for dropping at least three approximately football-sized bricks on the Cikampek toll road, hitting two cars and smashing through the windshield of one of them, killing the driver.

The Bekasi Metro Police today confirmed the incident after images of the cars went viral over the past couple of days, saying that the bricks were dropped from a pedestrian bridge on km 63 of the toll road, which is located in Pondok Gede, Bekasi. The incident reportedly occurred at 4am on Tuesday.

“We suspect that those weren’t bricks taken from the bridge, but it was intentionally brought onto the bridge,” said Bekasi Metro Police Chief Indarto, as quoted by Detik.

Police say they have yet to identify who’s responsible, but believe the bricks could have been dropped by some kids.

One driver, identified as Saeful, was killed instantly after a brick smashed through his car’s windshield. Two more bricks were dropped onto another car, but luckily they didn’t smash through its windshield and the car’s occupants were reportedly unharmed.

State-owned toll road operator PT Jasa Marga say they have received information that the culprit has been arrested, and that he/she suffers from some unspecified mental issues.

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