Bogor woman finds dead baby in her shopping bag

Photo of baby’s feet for illustration purpose only. Photo: Janko Ferlič via Unsplash
Photo of baby’s feet for illustration purpose only. Photo: Janko Ferlič via Unsplash

A woman in Bogor, West Java unknowingly brought home a shopping bag containing a dead baby, local police say, becoming the second person in Indonesia to receive such a horrifying shock in a matter of days.

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According to the police, on Sunday, the woman, who is identified as Aisyah, drove her motorcycle to shop for groceries at a market in Dramaga sub-district. Aisyah then hanged plastic bags containing her shopping on her motorcycle and drove home.

As she was sorting her shopping at home, Aisyah was shocked to find that one plastic bag contained the body of a dead female infant. Police believe that somebody deliberately hanged the plastic bag containing the baby onto Aisyah’s motorcycle at the market without her knowledge.

“[Aisyah] did not know who put the bag on her motorcycle,” Dramaga Police Crime Investigation Unit Head Ano Junaedi said.

Police say the baby was likely birthed the day before she was given to Aisyah.

Seven witnesses have been questioned regarding the incident, but police have yet to announce any meaningful developments in finding the culprit.

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