​Beware of pervs: Man caught squeezing woman’s breasts on Transjakarta footbridge

Living in Jakarta, one must always beware of sexual harassment happening in broad daylight in public spaces.

One such incident occurred on a Transjakarta footbridge in Pasar Minggu on Saturday afternoon.

The perv, AA, a university student, admitted to the police that he was so enticed by the appearance of AS, a 24-year-old woman whom he rode the Dukuh Atas-Ragunan bus with.

When AS got off at the Jati Padang bus stop, AA followed her, “even though the suspect admitted he was supposed to get off at Warung Jati bus stop,” said Pasar Minggu Police Chief Doddy F Sanjaya, as quoted by Kompas yesterday. 

AA then followed AS to a footbridge. When they were alone, AA quickly squeezed AS’ breasts from behind, before attempting to run away.

Thankfully, AS’ scream was heard by security officers near the bus stop and a traffic policeman nearby. They captured AA after a foot chase.

AA was taken to the Pasar Minggu police precinct. He could face up to 2 years and 8 months in prison for his crime.

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