Bank Mandiri suspends thousands of accounts for carrying out transactions during balance glitch

A Bank Mandiri branch. Photo: Akhmad Fauzi/Wikimedia Commons
A Bank Mandiri branch. Photo: Akhmad Fauzi/Wikimedia Commons

A massive glitch suffered by Bank Mandiri reportedly saw digits added or taken away from millions of customers’ bank balances over the weekend. 

While the state-owned bank says everything has returned to normal, that is not the case for thousands who allegedly withdrew money or carried out transactions, some presumably thinking that they won the proverbial jackpot, during the glitch.

“Those who have wired or withdrawn money [from the affected accounts] have been blocked. Maybe some did not realize that their balance increased, but those [who had their accounts blocked] number in the minority, only 2,760 from the 1.5 million, or 10% of [all Bank Mandiri] customers, affected by the glitch,” Bank Mandiri Corporate Secretary Rohan Hafas told Kontan yesterday.

That said, Mandiri is not going to pursue legal action towards those with suspended accounts. Rohan said the bank is going to communicate with the account owners to have them return the money they shouldn’t have used.

On Saturday morning, around 1.5 million Bank Mandiri customers saw changes to their account balances, with some complaining that all of their money had disappeared. 

The lender said the incident was caused by a glitch while they were backing up customers’ data the previous evening, which is a daily procedure.

The bank apologized for the banking error and, within a day, assured that all of its customers’ data were safe and all of their services were operating normally.

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