Bad Teachers: 2 fired after being filmed rudely flinging uni students’ papers back at them

Photo: Video screengrab from Twitter

Grading papers can be a mind-numbingly tedious task, but that can hardly excuse the rudeness displayed by a couple of lab assistants towards their students at an Indonesian university recently.

A video is going viral in Indonesia showing two lab assistants returning assignments to a group of university students just outside a classroom. After calling the students by their individual names, the lab assistants carelessly flung the papers in the air in their general direction for the students to catch or, more likely, pick up off the floor.

The location where the video was taken was later identified to be Gorontalo State University (UNG) on Sulawesi island. According to local news website Harian Gorontalo, the incident occurred last Thursday at UNG’s Math and Science Faculty.

The faculty on Monday said they have identified and fired the two lab assistants in the video — both of whom are undergraduate seniors — as well as four other lab assistants in the same course who were deemed culpable despite not tossing the papers themselves.

“We have fired them all, there were six of them,” Faculty Dean Dr. Evi Hulukati said.

According to the faculty’s investigation into the incident, the lab assistants tossed the papers like that because most of the assignments were not done as specified.

Dr. Evi said that the person who recorded the video is also a UNG student but was not enrolled in the lab.

“That’s what we regret. [The student] was not partaking in the lab but they recorded the video and spread it. That could violate IT laws [for defamation],” she said.

As rude as this paper tossing was, these lab assistants are by no means the worst teachers in Indonesia out there. For our money, that distinction goes to an elementary school teacher who earlier this year forced her student to lick a toilet for forgetting his homework.

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