Coconuts Jakarta Animals

Jakarta is chock-full of human civilization with barely any open space or green space despite being a city located in a tropical environment. As such, wild animals rarely roam the capital, save for the numerous stray cats, rats, and deserted pet dogs. Also mosquitoes. Lots and lots of mosquitoes. That said, Jakarta does have one of the biggest zoos in Indonesia, the Ragunan Zoo. The zoo, which is funded and maintained by the Jakarta Provincial Government, possesses a respectable variety of animals, but critics have pointed out that its facilities are not properly maintained and that some of the animals could be better taken care of. In addition to Ragunan, there’s Taman Safari in Puncak, a holiday destination up on the mountains of Bogor, Jakarta’s satellite city. Taman Safari is a nationally renowned fauna park, and is home to creatures from all over the world. Despite its good reputation, Taman Safari has also been criticized in the past for their handling of their animals, with many suspecting that many of the animals in the park are underfed.

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