​54 people appear in East Jakarta District Court for littering and illegally selling street food

Fifty-four people were summoned to the East Jakarta District Court today for committing acts of public disorder, namely littering and selling street food in forbidden zones.

The idea is that such a grand display of public punishment will deter others from dirtying up our streets.

“It’s so that citizens and street food sellers regret their actions. They were also fined and they promised not to litter or sell food in forbidden zones anymore,” said Chaeril Anwar, head of the Public Discipline Section at the East Jakarta Satpol PP Police Unit, as quoted by Okezone

In what is a sad reflection of how so many Jakartans love to litter and sell street food, Anwar said the Satpol PP rounded up the 54 in just two days. Actually, there were 24 others who committed the same violations, but they didn’t appear in court today.

Each violator was ordered to pay up to Rp 200 thousand by the court.

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