​The 2nd most retweeted tweet in 2014 came from an Indonesian political analyst

Yes, of course this year’s most retweeted tweet (the “Golden Tweet,” as Twitter has dubbed it) was Ellen’s star-studded groupie from the Oscars (when you’ve got Brad Pitt, Bradley Cooper, Jennifer Lawrence and Kevin Spacey together in one photo, it’s kind of unfair).

But the big surprise from the social media network’s recently released “2014 #YearOnTwitter in Indonesia” report was that the 2nd most retweeted message in the whole world came not from a Hollywood celebrity but from an Indonesian political analyst. 

Specifically, the runner-up for the International Golden Tweet came from Denny JA, the founder of polling institute Indonesian Survey Circle (LSI). He tweeted this message to his 1.66 million followers on Twitter about a month before Indonesia’s July 9 presidential election:

“By retweeting this, you will contribute to the win of Jokowi-JK. Vote for a trusted leader [Jokowi] and an experienced one [JK].”

The message, which was retweeted over a million times, may very well have helped secure the win for President Joko Widodo and Vice President Jusuf Kalla.

In the report, Twitter says “Indonesia’s Golden Tweet reflects the country’s first ‘Twitter Election,’ with over 95 million elections-related tweets, contributing to the national conversation.” 

To find out more about the Twitter Year in Review Report, including Indonesia’s other biggest tweets and hashtags, you can check out Tech in Asia’s in-depth article on the subject. 

And to see just how Twitter-obsessed Indonesians and Jakartans are, check out this awesome data visualization map showing the geographic location of 6 billion tweets. 

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