21 people suffer food poisoning in Depok after eating leftover telur balado

To the untrained stomach, telur balado (boiled eggs smothered in chili paste) already presents a challenge, let alone if the dish had gone bad.

Telur balado was on the menu at a party on Tuesday in the Nurul Iman pre-school in the Ratujaya subdistrict, Cipayung, Depok. It appeared the kids weren’t fond of the spicy dish as there were a lot of leftovers, which were given to locals in the area.

Those who actually ate the balado soon suffered from food poisoning.

“It turns out that everyone who ate the telur balado experienced stomach pain and food poisoning. There were 21 victims,” said Ratujaya subdistrict head Achmad Subandi, as quoted by Tempo today. 

Following this incident, the head of the Depok Health Agency, Lies Karmawati, took samples from of the telur balado to figure out exactly what kind of bacteria in the dish caused the food poisoning.

The 21 victims are being treated at four different hospitals in Depok. 

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