Instaceleb Millen Cyrus tested positive for psychoactive drugs following rehab spell

Indonesian Instagram celebrity Millen Cyrus. Photo: Instagram/@millencyrus
Indonesian Instagram celebrity Millen Cyrus. Photo: Instagram/@millencyrus

Instagram celebrity Millen Cyrus reportedly tested positive for drugs recently, merely months after she was released from rehabilitation following her arrest in a drug raid last year. 

Millen and her three friends were apprehended by the police during a health protocol raid at a bar in the hip area of Kebayoran Baru, South Jakarta on Sunday midnight. The 21-year-old was questioned by authorities and had to take a urine test during the raid, from which it was revealed that she and one of her friends tested positive for benzodiazepine.

They were then taken to Jakarta Metro Police HQ for further questioning. At a press conference yesterday, Millen said that she has been using benzodiazepine, which is classified as a psychoactive drug, to treat her anxiety.

“[I used] the drug for anxiety, because I was depressed and the National Narcotics Agency (BNN) gave it to me to treat my anxiety and depression,” Millen said.

“With the latest incident that happened to me, I had a lot of thoughts and [felt] pressures, family [issues] too.”

Millen, who was formerly known as her birth name Muhammad Millendaru Prakasa, was arrested at a hotel in North Jakarta in mid-November along with a man, identified as 33-year-old JR. During the raid, police found a bong, a bottle of an alcoholic drink, and 0.36 grams of crystal meth, which is locally known as shabu.

Millen was charged with violation of Article 127 of the Narcotics Law, which required that she attend rehabilitation if found guilty of possession and drug use. Her arrest awakened transphobic sentiments and highlighted the general lack of acceptance for trans people in the country, as the matter of which cell she would be assigned to become a topic of ridicule among social media users and the mainstream media alike. 

Following a public outrage over her initial placement in the male cell, police moved Millen to a special cell on her own. She then underwent a rehabilitation process at a facility operated by BNN in Bogor, West Java, until her release on Jan. 10.



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