BTS fans livid Kpop boy band’s Tokopedia ad accused of promoting LGBT values in Indonesia

Popular K-pop boyband BTS in an ad for Tokopedia. Screenshot from Youtube/Tokopedia
Popular K-pop boyband BTS in an ad for Tokopedia. Screenshot from Youtube/Tokopedia

Is it the multi-colored hair? Is it the earrings? Or is it that some may see the stars of Kpop boy band BTS to be quite far removed from what some accept to be true masculine ideals?

Whatever the reason (they were very vague about it), a non-profit organization named Advocacy Institution for Strategic Assessment of Indonesia (Laksi) recently mobilized a legion of BTS fans — who aptly call themselves ARMY — online for demanding that Indonesian e-commerce giant Tokopedia pull its ad featuring the Kpop superstars for “promoting LGBT values.”

In a statement, Laksi accused the ad of “campaigning for foreign cultures that are at odds with Pancasila, which highly promotes morals.”

Who knew that dancing and saying “shop at Tokopedia” were so immoral?

At any rate, ARMYs in Indonesia were livid upon hearing the news, as many have taken to the internet since yesterday to round up fellow fans and plan retribution against Laksi.

Though BTS are not known to be explicitly pro-LGBT, some fans pointed out that the band should be appreciated, not vilified, for promoting inclusivity and self-appreciation in their music and public campaigns.

It’s not yet known if Indonesia’s ARMYs will go through with filing a defamation report against Laksi, as many online have suggested they would.

The Indonesian Broadcasting Commission (KPI), which has the authority to remove content from broadcast, has yet to issue a statement on Laksi’s complaint.

As an organization, Laksi is not particularly well known in Indonesia. An article by CNN Indonesia published today noted that the group made headlines in 2015 for allegedly receiving kickbacks from a bribery case within the Energy and Mineral Resources Ministry (ESDM). 

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