Arrested ‘psychic’ celeb says he can’t sleep because of ghosts in his cell, investigators laugh off claim

Roy Kiyoshi. Photo: Instagram/@roykiyoshi
Roy Kiyoshi. Photo: Instagram/@roykiyoshi

Self-proclaimed clairvoyant and psychic Roy Kiyoshi, who was arrested last week for alleged use of psychotropic drugs, seems set on using the supernatural card as part of his legal defense.

The TV host’s lawyer said his client is having difficulties acclimatizing to life in detainment due to the presence of certain supernatural forces in his cell.

“The other day, he said that there are many spirits in his cell. That’s why he can’t sleep at night,” Roy’s lawyer, Henry Indraguna, said. 

By Henry’s own admission, though, investigators in Roy’s case aren’t buying his claim.

“The investigators just laughed when we told them. That’s because they don’t understand Roy and his abilities,” he said.

Henry has filed a request with the police to have his client rehabilitated with the National Narcotics Agency (BNN), as is common procedure for drug users in the country. The lawyer said that should the request be approved, Roy could be in rehab by Friday.

Police say that investigation into the case will continue regardless if Roy is placed in rehab.

Police reportedly seized dumolid pills — which contains nitrazepam, a hypnotic drug that has sedative properties used for disabling anxiety and insomnia in the short term — as well as another unnamed substance. Dumolid is listed as a psychotropic drug according to a Health Ministry Regulation issued in 2000, and can only be legally obtained using a doctor’s prescription.

Back in 2017, Indonesian actor Tora Sudiro was charged with a serious drug offense for illegal possession of a prescription drug, which happened to also be dumolid pills.

The public was first introduced to Roy for “reading” the future of participants in a program called Karma on TV station ANTV in December 2017. He soon starred in sinetron (soap operas) titled Karma The Series and Indra Ketujuh (The Seventh Sense), the latter being an adaptation of his own book, Indigo: The Story of Roy Kiyoshi.

Last year, Roy starred in a horror film about himself titled Roy Kiyoshi (The Untold Story), which was critically panned.

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