9 signs you need to book a Bali vacation right now

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There are certain things we all feel when it’s been waaay too damn long since our last escape from reality. So whether you’ve already reached that point, or you’re just starting to feel the first pangs of wanderlust, it’s probably time to start planning a trip. And we have just the holiday idea! Read on to see if you’re suffering from “Bali-itus”, aka never enough Bali in your life.

1. You cant stop reading travel stuff. You read wanderlust stories by travel bloggers daily and you follow at least 20 different IG travel accounts. (We can’t get enough of @beautifuldestinations and @bestvacations.)

2. Your body and mind could use some rejuvenation. You’re at your desk, working away in the daily grind and all you can think about is getting a Balinese massage and sipping traditional Indonesian herbal tonics at the spa.

3. Your beachwear is collecting dust at the back of your closet. When was the last time you even bought a new swimsuit, or worn one?? Literally, now’s your excuse!

4. Youve been looking at the same view everyday fora while now. Ok so we love our city and our skyline with the towering Wisma 46 and Jakarta Tower. But everyone needs a change of scenery now and then, or often, actually.

5. You miss the sand between your toes. Sand is proven to be a skin softening exfoliator. You should know, you miss sand so much you’ve Googled it.

6. You want to jump into every pool you see. Even that fountain at Hotel Indonesia traffic circle is starting to look pretty inviting. We just hope you draw the line at rain puddles and floodwater. Tempting, we get it, hygienic? Not so much.

7. Your notebook is covered in doodles of beachy waves and starry nights. Even your mindless scribbling is starting to have meaning! These stars are a sign!

8. You have a Vitamin D deficiency because Jakarta sun is not your friend. But you know where sun is your friend. Bali. Bali sun rocks.

9. You can get amazing discounts by booking your Bali trip early. No joke! Did you know that booking your stay at Sheraton Kuta Bali Resort can get you an Advance Purchase Rate of up to 20% off the best available rate? Plus, when you book early you’ll have your pick of all the best deals, promotions and packages to make the most out of your stay. A vacation getaway has never been more deserving.

Chances are – the longer you wait, the more expensive your vacation will become. Bummer, we know. But it’s just another reason to book in advance. Then the amount you save can go towards awesome activities in Bali like a delicious meal of babi guling and satay lilit, tropical cocktails by the bar, splurging on local designer duds and jewelry. Or upgrade to a suite and live a swanky life (for a few days at least!)

As we write this from our lovely little desk in Jakarta, we can’t help but feeling a few of these signs ourselves! (Maybe we’ll book it too, actually).

Luckily for all of us, Sheraton Bali Kuta Resort has just the deal we need, available as early as 30 days in advance at up to 20% off.

With all this time to plan, why not get in touch with Sheraton Kuta Bali Resort for some local tips and insight? These Bali experts are ready and waiting to help you plan special celebrations, book restaurants and plan any activities during your stay.

When booking early, SPG members save an additional 5% off of SPG members’ exclusive rates. Not a member yet? No problem. Sign up as an SPG member and start collecting points from your first stay. A free night stay might not be far away!

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