Indomie, Ajinomoto makers debunk viral WA message saying their products contain pork

Indomie Mi Goreng. Photo: Instagram/@indomie

We imagine there would be nationwide riots if it turned out to be true that Indonesia’s (and Nigeria’s) most beloved noodle brand, Indomie, as well as local favorite Japanese MSG brand Ajinomoto were to contain pork. Thankfully, in the interest of national security, they do not.

Recently, a chain message has been going around on WhatsApp groups warning Muslims in Indonesia that certain food products contain pork. Among the eight products alleged to contain porcine products were the seasoning in Indomie Mi Goreng, Ajinomoto, as well as local flavor enhancers like Masako and Royko.


But fear not, Muslim Indomie Goreng fiends. Yesterday, PT Indofood, the makers of Indomie, denied the authenticity of the viral WA message, saying that it’s an old hoax that’s recirculating.

“That’s an old issue. That’s from December 2016 and back then there were clarifications from Pondok Wali Barokah, BPOM (Food and Drugs Monitoring Agency) and LPPOM MUI (the Indonesian Ulema Council’s Food, Drug and Cosmetics Research Institution) [that Indomie does not contain pork],” Novi Arlaida, Head of Corporate Public Relations at Indofood, told Kompas yesterday.

Novi added that all Indomie products are still registered as halal (permissible for consumption by Muslims) by the aforementioned institutions.

PT Ajinomoto Indonesia also recognized the viral WA message as an old hoax.

“For sure, our products are halal and safe,” M. Fachrurozy, PR Department Manager at PT Ajinomoto Indonesia, told Kompas.

You can now rest easy in the knowledge that eating Indomie Mi Goreng is not a sin. And if you need an extra dose of sodium, go ahead and sprinkle that Ajinomoto on your noodles — we won’t judge.

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