A guide to Sydney’s seafood culture

Photo: Jason Tong/Flickr
Photo: Jason Tong/Flickr


Everyone knows about the laid-back Aussie spirit, but even the most chilled-out Australians take a few things very seriously. And one of those things is food, namely seafood. And one of the best places to sink your teeth into fresh seafood is Sydney.

Sydney has a rich culinary history that goes way back, spanning Aboriginal, European and Asian cultures. The one culinary element you can always count on is fresh, succulent seafood.

Not only is Australia leading the way in culinary arts, the Land Down Under is also a leader when it comes to sustainability. Indeed, quality and sustainability are equally important when it comes to seafood in Australia. Chew on that!

Next time you’re lucky enough to find yourself in this seaside city, start by eating your way through the best seafood experiences in town.


Go fishing

We can’t talk about seafood in Sydney without letting you know that you can catch, well, your own daily catch! That’s right, one of the most Australian of pastimes is fishing. We might not do enough of it here in Jakarta (or any of it, for that matter) but it’s one of the many fun outdoor activities in Sydney.

With kids in toe – trust us, the little ones will love this! – grab an Esky full of cold drinks (that’s Aussie for cooler) and head to one of the city’s fishing spots. Try Watsons Bay for flounder, Grotto Point to hook kingfish or Manly Dam for bass fishing. Just try not to swear in front of the kids if you lose your bait to a not-so-friendly shark. Hey, we heard it could happen!


Sydney Fish Markets

If fishing for your dinner sounds a bit daunting then you’re not alone. City slickers might want to stick to shopping for the next freshest thing, and there’s no better place than Sydney Fish Markets. Find fresh seafood for sale, restaurants, a sushi bar, gift shop, ice cream parlor and even cooking classes. There’s everything you need to whip up a traditional Aussie seafood barbeque. Just don’t ask someone to put another shrimp on the barbie, please.


Eat out and experience the best of the best

On to the next level of seafood dining: letting Sydney’s chefs show you how it’s done. With the harbor and famous beaches like Bondi and Manly just a jaunt away, it’s no wonder that Sydney seafood restaurants are some of the best on the planet.

Next to the Sydney Fish Markets is Flying Fish, a great restaurant with amazing views of the harbor. Oyster lovers should head across the harbor to Boathouse on Blackwater Bay to choose from 15 varieties of oysters.

If you want a mind-blowing fish and chips experience, you’ve come to the right city. Sydney takes the traditional British “fush and chups” to new heights. Some places serving up the real deal are Hodge’s Fish Face, North Bondi Fish and Cranky Fin’s Holidae Inn.

Billy Kwong’s is a distinctly Australian restaurant, and by that we mean it’s a melting pot of Australian produce and Asian flavors from China and beyond. Celebrity chef Kylie Kong serves up dishes like Steamed Spanner Crab Dumplings with Sichuan Chilli Dressing and Steamed Fish Fillet with Ginger, Spring Onions & Shiro Shoyu.


Now that you have a taste of Sydney’s seafood scene, get inspired to experience it for yourself. Garuda Indonesia flies from Jakarta to Sydney (return) 5 times per week and from Denpasar to Sydney (return) 7 times per week. It’s never been easier to experience the vibrant energy and delicious cuisine of Sydney, so book a flight today at  www.garuda-indonesia.com/australia.

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