Coconuts Jakarta Food Guides

There is an overabundance of cheap and easily accessible food in Jakarta, but finding a truly great meal can still be tough. The Indonesian capital is a city full of hidden culinary gems and some of the most amazing meals you can have here are in no-frills hole-in-the-wall restaurants that you would almost certainly walk right by if somebody hadn’t told you that it served the most incredible mie ayam you’ve ever tasted - for example. Here at Coconuts Jakarta, we try to be like that foodie friend of yours who always knows the best places to get great grub, anywhere in the city and at any price. We love fancy 5-course meals at fine dining restaurants just as much as we love eating at legendary late-night warungs at 3am. The goal of our food guides and features is to not just tell you about the restaurants we like, but to give you the info you need to decide if it’s a meal worth fighting the macet, which is why we always try to give you detailed information such as the prices of dishes. Our food guides are written totally independently and based on our food writers’ personal experiences with the goal of giving you honest restaurant recommendations that you can rely on.

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