You can get ‘Mie Goreng’ KitKats (and martabak, es doger, kerak telor & more) at their Chocolatory Pop-Up | Aug 16-26 |

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It’s become a tradition around Indonesian Independence Day on August 17 for F&B businesses to promote all sorts of Indonesian flavor variants of their products (such as McDonald’s Indonesia’s current offerings, which include rendang and balado burgers as well as es cendol McFlurrys). But KitKat is really going above and beyond (and, some might argue, way too far) with the Indonesian flavor offerings at their Chocolatory Pop-Up event, which is taking place at Kota Kasablanka Mall from August 16-26.

Yes, your eyes did not deceive you. Among the 10,000 flavor variations KitKat is claiming to offer fans of their classic chocolate-coated wafer candies, there is a “Mie Goreng” version complete with what appears to be noodles, fried onions and even tiny eggs!

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Posted by Hungry Fever on Monday, August 13, 2018

The KitKat Chocolatory Pop Up is a concept that allows customers to create their own customized candy. You can mix and match from a lengthy list of KitKat types (such as the matcha variant) and toppings (including more conventional options). You can also design the packaging for your handcrafted candy.

The ads for the events also show plenty of other Indonesian flavors including martabak, es doger, es durian and es teler, klappertaart, and kerak telor (the savory Betawi street food featuring an omelette topped with toasted coconut and dried shrimp). But we have to imagine it’s the mie goreng version that will garner the most attention (and controversy, some Indomie fans have already decried it as a form of blasphemy).

We’ve already seen many ridiculous yet tempting variations on Indonesia’s most beloved instant mie goreng brand, Indomie (from Indomie burritos and fried chicken burgers to donuts and even birthday cakes) but has KitKat gone too far with this combination of spicy fried noodles and sweet sweet chocolate? Well… yes, obviously. But damned if we don’t still want to try one. What say you?

KitKat Chocolatory Indonesia
August 16-26
Kota Kasablanka Mall
Jl. Casablanca Raya Kav. 88, Menteng Dalam, Tebet, Jakarta Selatan
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