Writer who told women to ‘get real or die alone’ loses his cool, swears at commenters

On Monday we called out an EJ Insight columnist for writing a piece entitled “Hey sisters, get real or die alone”. (Yes, really. Read our response here.)

In his mind-bogglingly tone-deaf article, Alan Lee basically tells women that they need to lower their supposedly impossibly high standards and that it’s their “jobs” to turn men into decent human beings that they would like to marry. Unsurprisingly, it struck a nerve with readers of Coconuts and EJ Insight alike. 

We emailed EJ Insight to say that we found the article sexist (to put it mildly) and to ask whether Lee would like to respond, but we didn’t hear back. It turns out it was entirely unnecessary, however, as Lee has taken it upon himself to reply to commenters using his own Facebook account.

First, here’s what appears to be his formal response, posted to both our Facebook page and in the comments of his original article

In case you forgot, Lee had described “Kong girls” as a slang term for “local young females who bear the kinds of character flaws and twisted values typical of Hong Kong women, such as being materialistic, calculating, snobbish, inconsiderate, selfish, ignorant, non-demure and notoriously hard to please” (or apparently, the opposite of Snow White). 

Because heaven forbid a woman is non-demure. 

Then, in the comment section of his original article, it gets worse:

Oh, SNAP. 

Our new favourite insult: “I bet you are one of those wimps who carry handbags for their girlfriends.” 

Praise this brave herald of truth! Wake up, sheeple! 

As of 4pm today (April 13), Lee has been continuing to reply to readers in both the comments section of our article on our Facebook page and in the comments of his original article

NOTE: This article has been edited. 

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