Woman with zero chill ‘shatters bus door with a desk chair’ after driver says she can’t bring it on board

A woman apparently smashed a desk chair through the door of a double decker bus in Ngau Tau Kok yesterday after the bus driver said she couldn’t bring the chair with her.

Oh yeah, because that’s the best way to get what you want from somebody. Breaking their company’s property.

Apple Daily reports that a 44-year-old woman surnamed Wong boarded a KMB bus at Amoy Gardens with a desk chair in tow at around 3:30pm yesterday. That’s one way to ensure you get a seat on the bus, we suppose.

However, she was told by the bus driver, a 50-year-old man surnamed Leung, that she couldn’t travel with the chair… probably because it’s large, obstructive, and could accidentally roll down the gangway if unattended. 

Wong, for whom muttering angry things under her breath apparently just isn’t enough, allegedly proceeded to pound the chair against the closed bus door until an entire pane of glass shattered onto the street.

Leung called the police, who arrested Wong and took her to the station for questioning.

A KMB spokesperson reminded the public that, according to its rules, passengers are not allowed to bring goods or bags that would obstruct the bus’ passages and/or surpass 0.1 cubic metre in volume.

CORRECTION: A previous version of this article stated that KMB allows baggage of up to 1 cubic metre. We regret the error.

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