Viral fake footage of taxis drift racing in Hong Kong prompts complaints to police about dangerous driving

Screengrab via Facebook video/Si-Fi Lee.
Screengrab via Facebook video/Si-Fi Lee.

It was fast, furious and, well, fake.

“Footage” of three Hong Kong taxis drift racing in Kwun Tong has gone viral.

The clip, though convincing enough to spur some netizens to call the police, however, is not real, something that a) was noted by the Facebook user that posted it and b) appears somewhat apparent from the computer-generated look of the speedy cabbies.

The video was first posted on a Facebook page for viral and funny Hong Kong photos and videos on Monday by user Si-Fi Lee, but has been doing the rounds over the week.

It pans across the Kwun Tong waterfront promenade before a man’s voice exclaims “what’s going on” as three taxis (a red urban cab, a green New Territories one, and a blue Lantau taxi) speed into the frame, Tokyo drifting the shit out of a hairpin turn.

“Wow, wow, they’re crazy, that’s how they drive? Honestly, these taxi drivers,” the unseen man continues.

Now, to be honest, the response from netizens fooled by the clip — slamming the fake taxis for driving dangerously and irresponsibility — is somewhat understandable given the many real cases of cabbies causing havoc on Hong Kong’s roads.

Exhibit A) an actual, albeit unintentional, drift move from a taxi on one of the city’s highways.

According to Apple Daily — which actually sent reporters to Kwun Tong to double check no skid marks were on the road — police confirmed they had received reports from the public about the clip.

They even encouraged people to get in touch if they had more information.

Lee, the person who posted the video, however tried to put an end to the accelerating outrage.

“It’s actually fake,” he commented on the video. “Everyone relax.”

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