(Video) ‘Police told me to look for him’: Audi owner hunts for man who threw rock at his car

A decorator whose car windshield was smashed in a brazen act of vandalism caught on dash cam footage says he’s been advised to do his own police work as officers were too busy to catch the clearly identifiable culprit.

The car owner, surnamed Tang, said he alerted police on Wednesday evening after discovering the damage to his white Audi and reviewing his dash cam footage, which showed a male suspect, in what can only be described as a massive dick move, hurling a rock at the glass.

The clip shows the man, dressed in a blue shirt and shorts, with his face clearly visible,  committing the act about 12.40pm on Wednesday, as the car sits parked in Tsam Chuk Wan Tsuen, a village in Sai Kung where Tang was working.

Speaking to Apple Daily, Tang said he believed the assailant lives nearby, but is not sure why he attacked his car given that it has been parked in the same spot for at least six months, and no one has complained about his car blocking the way.

He said called the police, but was less than satisfied with their response, as officers said that because his car was parked on a private road, they did not have enough officers who could be stationed in the area for a long period of time.

Instead, they asked Tang to “keep an eye out” for the suspect, see which house he enters, and then report back to them.

“I thought, ‘well if I have to do your job and my life is in danger then who’s responsible?’,” he said.

“I have a job to do, I don’t have time to just sit around and watch people walking by.”

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