(VIDEO) Motorcyclist and couple square off in Tai Mo Shan

In the latest installment of #HKdashcam watch, a Sunday ride through the New Territories descended into a road rage rampage after a motorcyclist was clipped by a couple in a car.

Published by Apple Daily, footage of the tense encounter, filmed about 4pm on Route Twisk, Tai Mo Shan, appears to show the motorcyclist getting knocked by the hatchback, a blow which, although not toppling the rider, damaged the bike and injured his hand, according to the outlet.

Furious, the motorcyclist dismounted and then unleashed a barrage of kicks and punches at the driver’s side door, breaking the side mirror.

His anger somewhat vented, the rider attempted to leave the scene. The couple in the car, however, weren’t ready to watch him zoom off, holding his bike and refusing to let him leave.

Violence erupted once more as the male driver and motorcyclist then clashed, with the latter filmed throwing a right jab at the former’s face, before a passerby attempts to separate the pair.

The outcome? According to the police, the car driver, 44, surnamed Chan and the motorbike driver, 42, surnamed Fan, were arrested for fighting in a public place.  Fan was also charged for criminal damage and sent to Pok Oi Hospital.

They were both released on bail.

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