Cheeky Monkey: Woman’s buns heisted by rogue primate (VIDEO)

A monkey is caught on camera stealing a bag of food from an unsuspecting woman in Tai Wai. Screengrab via YouTube.
A monkey is caught on camera stealing a bag of food from an unsuspecting woman in Tai Wai. Screengrab via YouTube.

A woman in Hong Kong’s Tai Wai neighborhood had her afternoon ruined recently when a bag of buns she was carrying was snatched straight out of her hands by a mischievous monkey.

Video published by Apple Daily yesterday shows the moment the cheeky macaque runs towards the woman and swipes the bag, prompting the woman to let out a startled yelp.

The woman appears to attempt to take the bag back, but then leaves the scene, walking away and looking back to see the monkey enjoying the food inside the bag.

According to the person who sent the video, a resident surnamed Lee, the incident took place at 1pm on Friday, Jan. 4, near the Mei Tin Estate.

Apparently, the monkey wasn’t finished though.

Lee told the newspaper that immediately after that incident, the same monkey ran towards another woman and her 7-year-old son, and swiped a bag of food the kid was holding.

He said he isn’t entirely sure what the monkey ate, but said that he saw a trail of Chinese pork on the sidewalk where the monkey had been feasting.

If the words “Tai Wai” and “monkeys” appear to come up time and time again, that’s because Tai Wai is close to the Shing Mun Reservoir, a popular hiking spot and known habitat for the city’s macaques.

Other housing estates in the area that have fallen victim to hungry monkeys ransacking their homes include Mei Chung Court and May Shing Court, both of which are about a 10-minute walk away from Mei Tin Estate.

According to the Agriculture, Fisheries and Conservation Department (AFCD), there are about 1,800 wild monkeys in Hong Kong, including the Rhesus Macaque, the Long-tailed Macaque, and their hybrids. These monkeys are mainly distributed in Kam Shan, Lion Rock, Shing Mun Country Parks and Tai Po Kau Nature Reserve.

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