VIDEO: Man attempts cycling to the height of Everest in Hong Kong, with amusing results

For any hard-headed individual, “when there’s a will, there’s a way” is a mantra held close to the heart. With passion, determination and the right attitude, anything is possible.
Eager to put this theory to the test is Joshua Kent, who recently tried his hand at “Everesting”, otherwise known as the Mount Everest Challenge.
For those of you who don’t know what the Mount Everest Challenge is (you’re kidding, right?), it’s basically an attempt to climb to the equivalent height of Mount Everest (a little over 8,800 metres) on any trail or mountain, repeatedly, all in one go.
Kent picked Tai Mo Shan, Hong Kong’s highest peak (957 metres), which he calculated he must bike up at least 10 times (although nine times would only have seen him 200 metres off) to complete the task at hand. He also got up at 4am – you can’t argue with his enthusiasm!

Everesting – Hong Kong from Joshua Kent on Vimeo.

Although we were of course totally behind our man, we couldn’t help but giggle as he slowly became more forlorn looking after repeated gruelling ascents. We also found all those random food shots pretty hilarious. We saw more coffee, bananas and sandwiches than we did peddling. Just sayin’.
If you’re too lazy to watch the video and you’re in any doubt about the result, we have to report that we were gutted to see the overly ambitious cyclist give up after the fifth attempt. That’s not to say we didn’t ‘lol’ a little when we heard the “YOU LOSE. GOOD DAY, SIR” at the end.
Never mind, Josh. Maybe try Kilimanjaroing next time.

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