Hong Kong firefighters rescue elderly man from suicide attempt (VIDEO)

This video of Hong Kong firefighters saving a man’s life has gone viral on social media. On Sunday morning, an elderly man in his 70s was seen sitting on the window ledge of a 38th-floor apartment in Ngau Tau Kok’s Choi Ying Estate in an apparent suicide attempt, reports Oriental Daily.

A resident in the opposite block filmed firefighters talking the man down, who had reportedly received bad news about his health. At one point, a man’s voice can be heard saying “You can live with one lung, your illness can be treated.”

After coaxing the man out of jumping, one of the firefighters then abseiled down from the unit above and got the man back into the apartment with the help of his teammates.

The eight-minute clip has been viewed and shared by hundreds of Facebook users and pages.

Cheeky commenter Whisky Chan said: “Firefighters are public servants who have always scored highly in the public’s opinion. I really hope that they can continue maintain the quality [of their work] instead of wasting their energy on playing with cake and sexual organs.”

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