Pipe drop: CCTV captures the moment water pipe crashes to the floor and floods housing estate carpark

Screengrab via YouTube.

Unlike a tree falling in a deserted forest, it’s safe to say 20-meter overhead water pipe makes a hell of a sound when crashing to the floor in an empty carpark, not to mention an almighty mess.

CCTV footage uploaded to YouTube yesterday captured the moment a metal pipe in a Tung Chung apartment building abruptly fell from the carpark ceiling before spewing out water into the vacant lot.

Fortunately no one was injured by the incident which, according to the video’s time stamp, took place last Tuesday on May 29 just after 11am.

Apple Daily reports that the burst pipe was in the car park of The Visionary, a private housing estate reported to be just under 3-years-old developed by Nam Fung Group.

It’s unclear exactly who is to blame for the pipe’s shoddy supports.

One tenant, a woman surnamed Chan, told the newspaper that some of her neighbors noticed the pipe “looked a bit loose”.

Apple Daily reported that neither Nam Fung Group or The Visionary’s management office have notified residents of the burst pipe.

Personnel from the Water Services Department were at the scene shortly afterwards to help stem the flow of water and restore running water to the apartments, which was cut after the fault.

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