(Video) Activist grabbed by the neck at golf club protest

A protestor being grabbed by the neck by a member of the Hong Kong Golfing Alliance. Photo via Facebook.
A protestor being grabbed by the neck by a member of the Hong Kong Golfing Alliance. Photo via Facebook.

The Labour Party have urged the police to take action after one of its members was assaulted during a protest at the Hong Kong Golf Club in Fanling.

The incident happened after more than 10 members of the party hijacked a press conference by the Hong Kong Alliance of Golfers, who were discussing plans to promote the game.

In a series of Facebook live videos, protesters can be seen running into the club’s grounds and chanting slogans calling on the government to take back control of the land, which they say should be used to help alleviate the city’s housing shortage.

One video shows a man, believed to be a member of the Alliance, grabbing a younger man by the neck and then shoving him to the ground.

According to HKFP, the man who was attacked is Labour Party activist Oscar Lo.

When questioned by reporters why he attacked the Lo, the Alliance member shouted “he hit me,” before being ushered inside the club.

In a Facebook post published shortly after the incident, the Labour Party criticized the golf club for not stopping the alleged attacker and allowing him to leave the premises.

They also said there were plainclothes officers at the scene, and criticized the police for not intervening and arresting the alleged attacker.

The golf course is the latest battleground in the fight over space for housing in Hong Kong.

According to the SCMP, Fanling golf course was identified as one of the sites that could be developed into housing, with one study reporting that partial development of the site could create 5,000 apartments, and 13,000 if the entire golf course is used.

However, plans to redevelop the site have been met with fierce opposition from the city’s golfers who say the course is an important training ground.

According to Ming Pao, the vice-convenor for the alliance Kenneth Lau claimed to reporters that there was a widespread misconception that golfing is only for the rich.

He asserted that golf is a game for all walks of life, and that the game suffers from a lack of government support.

For the everyman out there who is wondering how much it is to use the Fanling Golf course, try up to HK$2,100 (US$268) per person.

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