VIDEO: 10 reasons why Hong Kong is the best (+ fun facts)

Did you know today is International Animation Day? Nope, neither did we. A group of Hong Kong animators going by the weird and wonderful names of the Jump Willy team (bit rude) and Filipe Andrade did, however. Good for them.

They created this little fake tourism ad about Hong Kong being awesome – looks like the Tourism Board could be out of a job! Listing 10 reasons why Hong Kong is Asia’s World City (if you don’t know, that’s our tagline), this fantastically produced 2D and 3D animation is both fun and informative.

Which of the 10 do you rate as the most important?

1) Language: It’s pretty cool to have two official languages (English and Cantonese, duh).

2) The Economy: Tax forms are only two pages long!

3) The Cash-Free System: Octopus cards are pretty handy.

4) The Landscape: 70 percent of Hong Kong is countryside, there are 235 islands, and junks trips are the best.

5) The Transport System: 90 percent of all trips in Hong Kong are taken on public transport, which carries five million passengers daily. We guess that’s impressive.

6) Safety: The police force, known as “Asia’s finest”, has one of the best police-to-population ratios in the world. Not so great if you’re a protester, but hey ho.

7) The Food: Many restaurants start serving dim sum at 5am. Whoop!

8) Tourism: Hong Kong is one of the top 10 Asian destinations on One of? Who made it in front of us?!

9) The People: Hong Kong has the highest IQ average in the world at 107. Well, we are pretty smart.

10) Feng Shui: The fact that some buildings have holes in the middle so dragons from the mountains can continue to drink water from the sea is just wonderful.

The video ends by suggesting that Hong Kong might actually be Asia’s World City because of all of these things… but, we disagree. We’re going for numbers 4, 7 and… 10. You’ve got to love a city that looks out for its dragons!

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