US citizen among alleged cash counterfeiters caught by cops, fake money likely in circulation

Check yo money, yo.

Police say there’s a batch of counterfeit cash in circulation produced, allegedly, by a US citizen and two Pakistani men arrested last night during a raid in Kowloon City.

Cops seized some HK$140,000 in fake notes after raiding the trio’s alleged workshop about 10pm last night.

Quoted by Ming Pao, senior inspector of West Kowloon’s Criminal Division  Lau Siu-lung said the group had been operating for several months and fake money from the scheme was likely in circulation.

He described the forged cash — which purports to be issued by the Bank of China and HSBC — “as genuine as the real banknote”.

He noted, however, the paper was rough and the bills lacked a watermark and other security features.

The operation started with the arrest of a 47-year-old US citizen from an address in Yin On Street, Kowloon City.

The American was found in possession of counterfeit notes and a search of the premises uncovered a stash of fake cash, including dozens of forgeries of HK$500 and HK$1000 notes — some completed and others works-in-progress.

They also seized a counterfeiting kit consisting of inkjet printers, a laptop, colored pens and paper cutting tools.

During the police operation, two Pakistani men returned to the flat and were arrested.

Allegedly stolen items including mobile phones, tablets, handbags and watches were also taken by officers.

The American has been arrested on suspicion of making and possessing counterfeit banknotes and theft. The Pakistani pair, aged 35 and 39, were detained for allegedly forging notes and possessing false documents.

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