Urban explorers check out Kwun Tong’s abandoned movie theatre (VIDEO)

Movie theatres are inherently creepy: they’re dark and you’re surrounded by a bunch of strangers whose imaginations may already be running wild thanks to a scary film.

Now abandon one to slowly rot into decrepitude for two decades and you’ve got one truly eerie place.

HK URBEX, perhaps the city’s most reliable group of trespassing, rule-breaking thrill-seekers, checked out an abandoned theatre in Kwun Tong. Many of the seats, still intact, continue to face forward towards the screen, waiting to be filled. 

According to the explorers, the cinema is rumoured to be haunted; in the 70s, a landslide killed many people on that very site.

It’s a shame it’s abandoned, really. We would much rather see a movie in this once grand two-tier theatre than in the ever-shrinking, glorified home theatre systems that Hong Kong malls call cinemas nowadays. 

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