Sour Grapes: Yuen Long fruit seller warns mainlanders away with homemade signs

A Hong Kong fruit seller caused controversy this week after erecting signs at his Yuen Long stall warning mainland shoppers away from his merchandise.

Wah-gor, who has been selling fruit on Yau Sun Street for three years, placed homemade sings declaring, “We don’t sell to mainland people” and “Don’t touch the fruits” all over his stall on Monday.

According to EJI, Wah-gor was defiant in his actions, even after one passerby seized a sign and tore it up in anger.

“99.9 percent of mainland people like to poke the fruits whether they’re buying or not. And they accuse me of duping them for selling five pieces for HKD15 and say other stalls are selling at HKD10 for five. They’re such a nuisance,” Wah-gor reportedly said. 

He insisted that he would make more signs in an attempt to stop Yuen Long becoming overrun with mainlanders, who he claims pee in public or allow their daughters to use the men’s toilet.

Wah-gor’s one-man crusade sparked much commentary on social media, with some netizens supporting him, and others accusing him of being nothing but a grumpy old man.

One person, claiming to be from Yuen Long, said the vendor is rude to everyone, whether mainlander or not.

Well, at least he doesn’t discriminate. Kidding, he clearly does.

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