Shocking details in case of HK employer who allegedly raped Filipino domestic worker with help of his wife revealed in court

Stock photo. Photo: Pixabay/Österreich
Stock photo. Photo: Pixabay/Österreich

The shocking details of a case involving a Hong Kong man who allegedly raped a Filipino domestic worker with the help of his wife have been revealed in court hearings that began this week. 

The case involves a 30-year-old domestic worker who has accused her 44-year-old former employer of raping her in a room in his apartment in Yuen Long on Jan. 21, 2018. She has also accused the man’s 32-year-old wife of being an accomplice to the assault.

The pair has denied the criminal charges stemming from her accusations, which include rape and aiding and abetting rape. The male defendant claimed that he only paid the worker to have sex with him, while his wife said she was not in the room at the time.

According to Ming Pao, the prosecution said in its opening statement in the High Court on Monday that the defendants have a son and a daughter. The domestic worker came to Hong Kong for the first time on Nov. 18, 2017 and lived with the defendants’ family in the apartment where the crime allegedly took place. 

The court was told that the incident happened at around 11pm, when the male defendant asked the victim to lie down between him and his wife, both in bed under covers in the master bedroom. 

She noticed that they were fully naked, so she refused and left. 

The female defendant then went to the worker’s room and whispered in her ear, “Sir like you (sic)” and asked her to go to the master bedroom. 

The worker said she initially refused, but gave in because the female defendant was angry. 

After entering the master bedroom, the male defendant carried the worker to the bed and took off her clothes. 

She said her struggles and calls for help were ignored. 

The male defendant continued to touch her chest, and fingered and kissed her private parts. The female defendant brushed against the victim’s right breast once.

He tried to insert his penis into the victim’s vagina, but failed to as it was flaccid. His wife then gave him oral sex to help him erect his penis. 

After that, the male defendant forcibly had sex with the worker without a condom and ejaculated in her vagina, during which she cried out for help. She later found semen and streaks of blood in her private parts.

The man forced the worker to accept HK$150 (US$19) and asked her not to tell others about what happened. 

The worker confided the incident to a friend, and was accompanied by the friend when she reported what had happened to the police the next morning. 

An examination on the same day found that there was semen containing the DNA of the male defendant in her genitals, and there were scratches on her labia, which the forensic pathologist estimated were caused by sexual intercourse or touching of the area the day before. 

According to another newspaper, am730, the victim testified on Tuesday that the female defendant also told her, “Sir wants you! Pay money!”

It also reported that the worker said she did not want to leave her room, but only did so because the female defendant was angry and she thought that her employer could have some work for her to do. 

Despite her struggles and calls for help, the female defendant said, “Ok la, ok la”, while her husband said, “Madam ok, madam ok.”

The victim recalled grabbing the left shoulder of the female defendant, who was lying on her right side, for help, but the two defendants just laughed.

The paper also said that the domestic worker was emotional when giving her testimony, and she kept choking and even burst into tears.

The defendants are on bail and the hearing continues today (Aug. 10).

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