Scam artists reportedly selling fake HKD150 notes for tens of thousands of dollars

So, you know that HKD150 HSBC commemorative bank note you paid waaay over face value for? Well, it might be fake.

A Mong Konk shopkeeper says he was recently approached by a mainlander (cue “typical” jibes and eye rolls), who tried to sell him a HSBC HKD150 note with a serial number ending 22222.

The man was asking a cool HKD12,000 for the “legal tender” because unusual serial numbers are highly sought after.

For example, a note numbered HK688888 has an asking price of HKD60,000 to HKD130,000, according to Apple Daily. 

However, the shopkeeper says two of the digits on the note had clearly been altered. Needless to say, this smart man did not part with his hard-earned cash.

The incident is not in isolation, according to Apple Daily, who claim its reporters received a photo of a fake note with the number AA368888 being sold online for HKD15,000.

Apparently the real numbers are clearly visible underneath the shoddy forgery. 

Life lesson: don’t pay more for money than what it’s worth. That also makes no economical sense, so try to pay a little bit less if possible.

Graphics: HSBC

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