Public Service Announcement: Someone threw up in the Jockey Club pool

Someone ruined the pool party.

Under the headline “of interest to swimmers,” the ever-hygienic Hong Kong government has released the following notice:

“The Leisure and Cultural Services Department announced today (June 27) that the Jockey Club Yan Oi Tong Swimming Pool in Tuen Mun District has been temporarily closed for cleaning and superchlorination following the discovery of a small amount of vomit in the pool.”

The department appeals to swimmers to be considerate and to keep the swimming pools clean.

“They are advised not to swim after a full meal and should use the toilet facilities if necessary before swimming.”

Good advice, lest scenes of Caddyshack be repeated here in Hong Kong.

The government asked the announcement be broadcasted and repeated at regular intervals.

So, you’re welcome.

Oh yeah, the pool –presumably vomit-free — will reopen at 7:30pm. Enjoy, swimmers!

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