Police pursue domestic worker suspected of mixing talc into her employer’s yam powder

Screenshot via Google Maps.

Police are looking for a domestic worker suspected of mixing talcum powder with her former employer’s yam powder, in what they’re treating as an “intentional harm” case.

According to Ming Pao, a 36-year-old man surnamed Cheung called the police at around 8pm last night reporting that he suspected his former domestic worker had put something in his wife’s yam powder.

After receiving the report, officers arrived at the couple’s home at the University Heights apartment block in Pokfield Road near Kennedy Town.

After a preliminary investigation, police are now treating it as a case of intentional harm and the use of harmful materials.

No one has been arrested so far, and police are treating the case and police have not confirmed the name, age, or nationality of the suspect.

However, on.cc reports that the suspect is a 35-year-old Filipino woman who had left her employers just days earlier.

The website reported that Cheung’s wife, a 35-year-old woman surnamed Yip, raised the alarm after noticing her yam powder smelt strange.

Yam powder is traditionally used in Chinese medicine and is believed to be good for the kidney and the spleen.

Speaking to on.cc, A&E specialist Dr Chung Chin-hung said that talcum powder isn’t toxic, but if ingested in large amounts can cause discomfort to the stomach and vomiting.

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