Police looking for middle-aged man who left body of dead calf hanging on trail post

Screengrab via Apple Daily video.

Police are hunting a man suspected of killing a calf and then leaving its corpse impaled on a post by the roadside in Tai Mo Shan.

The grim discovery was made yesterday after a worker at the Tai Mo Shan weather radar station called police at about 10am to report he’d seen a middle-aged man dragging the body of a calf uphill.

Police arrived at the scene shortly afterwards to find a calf’s body hanging off a trail post on Tai Mo Shan Road, just 2 kilometers from the weather radar station, Ming Pao reports.

The calf was about 1 meter-long, its abdomen had been cut open, and most of its bones and its internal organs had been taken out. The innards were nowhere to be found.

According to the newspaper, there was no blood near the site, meaning that the calf most likely died somewhere else and was carried uphill. Police are treating the case as cruelty to animals.

Staff from the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA) were also at the scene, and personnel from the Agriculture, Fisheries and Conservation Department (AFCD) took the body for inspection.

Calling the case “bizarre”, a spokesperson from SPCA said the organisation assisted authorities to sweep the area for weapons or other indications about how the calf, which was male, was slaughtered.

“We don’t know exactly at this stage how it was killed,” the spokesperson told Coconuts HK, adding the cruelty to animals was an offense that carried a maximum fine of HK$200,000 and up to two years in prison.

No arrests have been made yet, and there are mixed reports about the appearance of the suspect.

According to Ming Pao, officers are looking for a Chinese man of about 50-years-old, 1.7 meters-tall with a strong build, and short black hair.

However, other news outlets like hk01 — which posted photos that some readers might find distressing — reported that the man police are looking for is south Asian.

Apple Daily also reported the suspect was south Asian and that he was spotted leaving Tai Mo Shan in a black Audi.

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