Police launch hunt for ‘extremely outrageous’ officer wearing hat back-to-front

Photo via Facebook.
Photo via Facebook.

It’s disgraceful, say police, absolutely disgraceful.

A photo circulating online has sparked a furious response from the force, who are now hunting for one of their own in a case being referred to as “extremely outrageous” and “entirely insulting.”

Forget corruption, this is worse. This is a uniform violation.


Posted by 劉威 on Sunday, October 7, 2018

Because while the uniform of the person in the picture says upstanding officer, the backwards-facing direction of his police cap says I care not for Chapter 15 of the Police General Orders.

Specifically: Officers must ensure they are correctly dressed when they are in uniform at all times.

For Hong Kong police, this is unacceptable, according to the SCMP, which cited an internal police circular from Kowloon City district commander, chief superintendent Alice Lee Ng-lai slamming the officer in question.

According to the newspaper, the police have commenced an immediate disciplinary review to find the officer, whose back is to the camera in the faceless photo he most likely now regrets featuring in.

According to HK01, the man is believed to be an auxiliary, or part-time, officer as, in the picture, he’s not carrying either a gun or a walkie talkie.

The now-viral photo, according to the outlet, had initially been passed around among officers before emerging online.

The SCMP reports the offending shot is thought to have been taken in a Hung Hom police station car park.

Netizens, bringing the inquisitive minds of online sleuths to the case, questioned whether the man was, perhaps, not an officer. Maybe it’s cosplay? Maybe he’s an extra from a TV show? They queried.

“Does someone need to teach him how to wear a hat?” another asked, questioning his tactical headwear training.

“Someone wants to retire early,” added another, suggesting an act of self-sabotage.

Others banded around nicknames, “the hip hop cop” being one of the catchiest.

There were potential motives floated. Maybe he was just saving a car space for someone. Maybe he was going for the gunslinger or superhero look.

Whatever the rationale, police management are failing to see the funny side.

Lam Chi-wai, chairman of the Junior Police Officers’ Association, said that regardless of rank, it was inappropriate to wear a police cap incorrectly.

He said any officer who violates police guidelines on clothing and appearance should be disciplined depending on the situation.

And, well, that’ll cap it off, we suppose.

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