‘Play with me!’: Motorists try to catch dog running around road

In a story that mixes the frustration of a minor traffic delay with the ‘I can’t stay mad at you’ adorableness of dogs, cars were briefly halted at the Eastern Harbour Crossing last week, as motorists embarked on a high-speed pooch chase.

Video of the very playful pup, who somehow ended up amid early morning traffic last Tuesday, emerged on Facebook and has since been picked up by local media, with outlets no doubt happy to run a dash cam video that doesn’t end in carnage.

In the footage, several motorists — including one motorcyclist with his helmet — can be seen getting out of their vehicles to try and catch the dog as it scampers around the road.

While one car attempts to box in the little scamp , two men can be seen crouching down and trying to scoop him up. The dog, obviously enjoying His Day, manages to evade capture for about a minute before The Man (with a motorcycle helmet) ends his fun.

According to on.cc, the dog — a Welsh corgi — had a microchip and was returned to its owner. #Happyending.




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