Oh God, Why: World’s stinkiest fruit gets a sexy twist with durian-flavoured condoms

Does a durian-flavored condom sound good to you? If so, you might be able to count yourself as truly, deeply and exceptionally Asian. 

Introducing the durian-flavored condom: safe sex and the world’s most infamously vile-smelling fruit finally come together! 

Pictured: the last thing on your mind during sexytime. Photo: Kazue Asano via Flickr

According to the Star, an unnamed Bangkok condom manufacturer is set to introduce the durian-flavored condom soon. The company hopes that the product will appeal to the Asian market, sincerely believing that it’ll be a hit. 

We have no idea what to expect from this product. Will it smell bad? Will it mask the smell of other things that smell bad? Will it cost more than other fruit-flavored condoms or maybe feature painful spikes for people that are into the rough stuff?

Unbelievably, the Bangkok company however is hardly the first to ever produce durian condoms. DKT Indonesia has been selling durian-flavoured Sutra Fiesta condoms since 2003. 

“The problem with condoms in Indonesia is people here are really shy about them, so when you have a durian condom it’s something funny and we can get people to talk about them with their friends and their family because it’s no longer just about sex,” said DKT Indonesia director Christopher Purdy in a Deutsche Presse-Agentur report.

In a way, it does help in its purpose as a contraceptive because honestly, it’ll help you NOT get laid once your partner gets a whiff of your durian-flavoured dong. 

Text: Coconuts Singapore / Coconuts Bangkok

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