Observatory issues monsoon warning, urges residents to secure flower pots

As we approach the weekend, it’s going to get windy.

The Hong Kong Observatory has issued the “strong monsoon signal” as of early this afternoon.

According to the its website: “Strong winds with mean speed exceeding 40 kilometres per hour are expected from the north.” The gusts will occasionally reach gale force, it adds.

The warning goes on to urge caution, particularly in places not well sheltered from the north.

“Flower pots and other objects likely to be blown away should be taken indoors,” it says.

“Those planning for water sports activities and operations at sea should take special care against high winds and rough sea conditions. Conditions are particularly rough over the offshore waters.”

The Strong Monsoon Signal is issued when winds associated with the summer or winter monsoon are blowing in excess of or are expected to exceed 40 kilometres per hour near sea level anywhere in Hong Kong.

Winter monsoon normally blows from the north or from the east while summer monsoon typically blows from the southwest. In very exposed places, monsoon winds may exceed 70 kilometres per hour.

The Observatory also noted that weather during March had been “unseasonably warm and sunny with little rain”.

The total duration of bright sunshine of 196.2 hours in the month was more than twice the normal of 90.8 hours and was the highest on record for March, it noted.

Meanwhile, the monthly mean temperature was 20.8 degrees, 1.7 degrees higher than the normal of 19.1 degrees and the monthly rainfall, 22.7 millimetres, was only about 28 percent of the normal of 82.2 millimetres.

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