New Hong Kong website promises to take that sinking feeling out of organising junks

We all love a junk party in Hong Kong – unless its up to us to organise it.
Your frat boy mates want the one with the banana boat; your fancy pants girlfriends want canapés and champers; and the guys with serious beards want craft beer by the bucketload.
You’re never going to please them all… right?
WRONG, at least according to brand new online platform (well done getting that domain name, guys).
Brought to us by local start-up 86it, the website allows junkies (new Hong Kong vocab coined right there) to pick and choose every aspect of the boat trip of their dreams.
Simply choose your date, your boat, your itinerary, and add-ons such as food, drinks and water sports packages and receive instant feedback on availability and price.
Be warned that there’s already more than 500 possible combinations though, so don’t go getting decision fatigue. These guys may be making it easy, but you still need your head in the game, junkie!
Once you’re all confirmed, you can share the event with your friends, whom you then just need to collect the dosh from.

Easy, haha.
All we need now is a website that employs scary people to threaten our buddies into paying on time.

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