Nepalese construction worker killed after unmanned truck rolls backwards

CCTV footage captures the moment a Nepalese construction worker is struck by an unmanned vehicle. Screengrab via Apple Daily video.

In a horrifying moment caught by security camera footage, a Nepalese construction worker was run over and killed by a truck yesterday after it began rolling backwards without anyone inside to apply the brakes.

CCTV footage published by Apple Dailywhich some readers may find distressing — shows Rai Prakash and his colleagues inside a newly-completed tunnel at the Liantang-Heung Yuen Wai Boundary Control Point, which connects Fanling with Liantang in Shenzhen.

Rai, who was standing in the middle of the tunnel, appeared oblivious to the unmanned truck behind him that was slowly rolling in his direction.

An eyewitness surnamed Cheung told the newspaper that the truck rolled about 15 meters before hitting Rai.

In the footage another construction worker can be seen trying to arrest the vehicle’s momentum by holding onto the truck’s door. It doesn’t work and Rai is run down.

Despite efforts by coworkers to resuscitate him, Rai didn’t make it, reported HK01. Taken to North District Hospital by ambulance in an unconscious state, he was declared dead shortly afterwards.

HK01 reports that the Association for the Rights of Industrial Accident Victims — an NGO that provides support for the families of construction workers who have died at work — had been in contact with Rai’s cousin who was at the hospital yesterday morning.

He told the NGO that Rai moved to Hong Kong more than seven years ago, and had worked in restaurants before deciding to start working on construction sites last year.

He was the family’s main breadwinner and lived with his parents, wife, son and daughter. Apple Daily reports his daughter is 1-year-old.

The Labour Department confirmed that they would help the families with compensation, and have also launched an investigation into the case.

According to the newspaper, the truck that struck Rai was used to transport construction workers to and from the site.

Guidelines by the Construction Industry Council, a statutory body that oversees construction-related matters, contractors need to provide parking spaces away from areas where construction work is taking place.

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