MTR greets 2017’s first working day with power failure, Island Line commuters delayed for up to 30 minutes

Thanks MTR Corp. for successfully, if accidentally, extending our New Year holidays.

Commuters (including this reporter) waiting for an Island Line train at Quarry Bay Station were understandably confused when a train pulled up to the platform at around 9:30am today… with no lights on. The train operator soon announced that there would be a nine-minute delay on the line due to a “power-supply problem”.

Some passengers were asked to board the dim vehicle while others waited on the packed platform.

After about 10 minutes, passengers on board the affected train were then asked to disembark it, allowing it to leave the station. Another train pulled up to replace it, but just as MTR staff announced that train services were being resumed, the lights on the second train cut out for several seconds. Fantastic.

It’s worth noting that today is also the first school day since the new South Island Line commenced last Wednesday. A man surnamed Kwok, who has been taking the new line over the past few days, told Oriental Daily that students had doubled the previous passenger volume.

The new line, which already experienced an electrical fault on its second day of operation, is expected to give the already-crowded interchange station in Admiralty an even heavier burden. Southern District councillors have previously expressed concerns that the new line would put strain on the station’s capacity, SCMP reports.


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