Motorists whose cars used as ‘roadblocks’ during police chase shocked by legal letters

Motorists corralled by police to help stop a speeding driver by forming a roadblock — a move that resulted in a fatal accident — have reacted with outrage after finding out they face possible prosecution.

According to Apple Daily, three drivers recently received a notice of intended prosecution over the incident in Fanling in February.

At the time, the drivers were told by police to slow their vehicles to block a seven-seater, which was being pursued by police after being spotted driving dangerously.

The tactic, however, backfired when the seven-seat failed to slow down and careened into the cars. The speeding driver and his passenger were killed while several others were injured.

Police Commissioner Stephen Lo Wai-chung on the weekend defended the issuing of the intended prosecution notices, calling it a “usual procedure” to send the letters to drivers involved in traffic accidents, according to RTHK.

A police spokesman told The Standard that such a notice did not definitely mean police would prosecute the parties.

However, two of the three drivers told the newspaper they were shocked to learned they faced possible legal action for following orders and trying to help police.

They also pointed out they were yet to receive compensation for damage to their cars.

“Of course, I’m worried, as I did nothing wrong,” one the men, surnamed Lee, told The Standard, adding that he still suffered pain on account of injuries suffered in the crash. According to an interview with Apple Daily, Lee said “today my head still hurts and I still feel dizzy, and my ribs still hurt. Nowadays I worry about whether or not I will get a brain hemorrhage or any other repurcussions.”

Another of the drivers, surnamed Wong, said he felt “wronged” adding “it’s quite laughable. The police are prosecuting randomly without any investigation,” he said, according to the SCMP.

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